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‘Tis the Season to Speculate – Tax Reforms

It’s probably safe to say that Rishi Sunak will be looking for ways to answer the “someone’s got to pay for it” question surrounding the incredible amount of money that has been borrowed to fund the COVID-19 crisis. Informed estimates suggest the government is going to have to raise around £40 billion a year. One […]

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What the Pension Freedoms Mean for You

The Government has confirmed that in 2028 it will increase the age at which people can access their pensions from 55 to 57. Under current pension freedom rules, introduced in 2015, individuals aged 55 and over can choose how and when they can access their savings. However, the government said in an answer to a […]

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Is Your Van Actually a Car?

This may seem like an odd question, but there has been an ongoing case between HMRC and  Coca Cola going through the tribunals in recent years trying establish the answer. And the answer matters, because the tax treatment of cars and vans is different. From both an employer and employee perspective, van classification is far […]

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Global Markets Performance Update – Quarter 3 2020

Overview Global equities rallied over the quarter, led by strong returns from the US and emerging Asia. The Eurozone lagged behind. We saw the most significant EUR/USD appreciation in several years with the Euro strengthening 4.0% against the dollar. In the commodities markets, precious metals and industrials saw gains but oil prices remained in the […]

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It Can Pay to Go Green

Information as of 18 November 2020 As well as helping to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, lower energy costs can make a positive difference to many homeowner’s finances and also an organisations’ bottom line. Recent days have seen both the UK and Scottish Governments highlight the funding they are making available to encourage faster energy efficiencies. […]

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Summary of Finance and Business Measures – last updated 8 April

This article summarises the business support measures the UK and Scottish governments, along with other NGBs and organisations have introduced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Last updated 8 April: more details on the Recovery Loan Scheme For each measure we have listed the date of the latest change. Simply click on any of […]


Private Sector IR35 Changes – Will it impact you?

March 2021 The Government’s controversial legislation to tackle ‘disguised employment’ arrangements goes through an important change from 6 April 2021 which could have a significant impact on anyone who uses a limited company to carry out their services for medium and large businesses. The legislation – commonly referred to as “IR35” – was introduced by […]