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Depending on your circumstances, setting up a trust could be a good way to protect the assets of your business for future generations.

Putting Your Faith in Trusts

Have you thought about who will take over your business when you retire? Have you had a complete financial review of your business and personal circumstances recently? Do you understand how trusts work?

Trusts may also be set up for other reasons such as to look after your children’s affairs, manage your business when someone is unable to do so due to ill health, and also to pass on money or assets either during your lifetime or after you’ve passed away.

We can provide clear financial advice in simple terms. It’s our job to explain the complexities of trusts in a clear and easy to understand way. This allows you to make an informed decision on your business and personal finances.

Choose GWA to look after your trust and we will provide reliable advice including:

  • How to protect your assets without relinquishing control
  • How to use a trust in relation to your will and family wealth planning
  • How to administer your trust correctly to avoid any potential financial pitfalls

Don’t leave the future to chance.  Get in touch for a no obligation meeting to discuss your trust options

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