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GWA installed its first computer over 50 years ago. Now, like most businesses, we are completely reliant on IT.

IT Support You Can Rely On

Maintaining a fully operational, efficient and secure system is fundamental to the success of our own operations. We understand that when something goes wrong the impact on productivity can be disastrous.

Our dedicated GWA Computer Services team look after more than 600 computers in over 30 locations nationwide, providing Quality Advice and Quality Service so that your IT works for your business, not against it.

What We Provide

  • network support and maintenance
  • on-site and remote IT support
  • hardware and software supply
  • business IT MOTs • IT Security
  • business continuity solutions
  • a range of support packages tailored to your needs and budget
  • easy to understand advice

What You Will Gain

  • improved productivity, well maintained machines and systems will reduce downtime making sure you get the most out of your resources
  • the help you need when you need it.  Regular onsite visits, 24 hour monitoring and a designated point of contact who knows your business and your systems
  • peace of mind.  You can sleep safe in the knowledge that are we looking after your day to day IT needs and dealing with providers on your behalf.  We will also make sure that your IT security is up to date and your vital data is protected.

Why Choose GWA Computer Services?

  • single point of contact: each client is assigned a network manager. This allows us to build a good working relationship and gain an in depth knowledge of your business needs and IT infrastructure. It also means that you can speak to someone directly rather than a call handler who takes details and arranges for someone to ring you back.
  • 24/7 monitoring: computer systems are complex. Our 24 hour monitoring software will highlight any issues to an engineer, so if things do go wrong you can rely on us to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently, and minimise disruption to your business.
  • proactive support: we offer a free IT MOT in which one of our engineers looks at your system and recommends changes that may improve productivity, reliability and security of your network.
  • tailored Solutions: we have a range of packages that provides ad hoc to tiered support.  This covers everything from a single computer to multiple servers, workstations and printers across multiple locations.

Let us take the responsibility for the smooth running of your IT, leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on your business.

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