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Self-Assessment Tax Returns – don’t be hanging on the phone

5 reasons Self-Assessment customers don’t need to wait on hold –

Nobody enjoys having to wait on hold on the phone just to resolve a simple query – and those completing Self Assessment tax returns no longer need to, with more help and advice than ever before available online.

Many people, are still unaware of the extent of online support now out there, and are still calling instead, often with questions that could be answered via the GOV.UK website.   HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is encouraging everyone to check online when seeking help about their tax return, to get a much quicker and easier result.

The most common calls to the Self Assessment helpline, which can be checked online are:

  1. Do I need to fill in a tax return?
  2. How do I fill in my online tax return?
  3. How do I check how much tax I owe?
  4. Where’s my Self Assessment tax refund?
  5. What happens if I can’t pay my tax bill?

Using HMRC’s online services means customers can access the information they need to resolve all of these questions quickly and easily – day or night – without the need to call HMRC.

Reason for calling the helpline Online support
Do I need to fill in a tax return? Customers can use the online tool to check if they need to complete a tax return. They will need to answer a few simple questions and it will help them decide if they need to submit one.
How do I fill in my online tax return? Customers can complete their tax return online using HMRC online services. For help filling in the return follow HMRC’s YouTube videos, and use the helpsheets, notes and forms.
How do I check how much tax I owe? HMRC works this out for customers based on their completed tax return. They can easily check and pay any tax owed via the HMRC app or via the online service.
Where’s my Self Assessment tax refund? Use the where’s my reply tool on GOV.UK to check response times based on how and when the claim was made.
What happens if I can’t pay my tax bill? If customers cannot pay any tax owed in full, they can set up a payment plan, known as a Time to Pay arrangement.

Interest will be payable on any outstanding payments after the deadline.

If you would like more help with self-assessment or if you have any worries or concerns about an HMRC tax enquiry, please get in touch.

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