Not just Agricultural Accountants

Our client base has a strong core of farming clients which is perhaps not surprising as we are in the middle of some excellent farming areas – Northumberland, Scottish Borders and East Lothian. As part of our commitment to this sector we support and sponsor a variety of Countryside Shows and last weekend we were in attendance at Haddington Show in East Lothian. The day was long but very enjoyable as we got a chance to speak to a variety of clients and business contacts away from the normal stresses of the working week. It is always interesting to meet other members of the family too and you always learn something new into the bargain.

The lesson learnt this weekend was that a number of our business contacts do not realise we provide a range of services to clients who are not involved in the agricultural sector. In reality the agricultural sector accounts for approximately a third of our client base with the rest being in sectors away from farming. The benefit of this is that the core farming sector is important to us and is large enough for us to have partners and members of staff who know all about the rhythm of farming, and the trials it brings too!

However with the majority of the practice operating away from agriculture we also have a wide range of knowledge in other industries. So if you think we are just Agricultural Accountants then perhaps you should take a closer look at the variety of services we offer – it might just surprise you as much as it did some of the people we spoke to at Haddington.

If you also want to have a chat we will also be in attendance at this year’s Border Union Show in Kelso on July 26 and 27.