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GWA team goes from strength to strength

In recent months, following one of the busiest periods in our 100-year history we have been delighted to welcome 24 new staff, with more vacancies set to be filled in the coming weeks.

The positions have been across each of the three GWA offices in Berwick, Haddington and Bournmoor, in many departments, from IT to VAT and at every level from apprentices to senior management. This takes our total workforce to 141, strengthening our place as one of the largest independent accountancy and wealth management firms working outside of Edinburgh and Newcastle, and one of the biggest employers in the area.

As well as new recruits, there have been also been a number of significant senior promotions within the existing team.

We also launched the GWA Academy. This is an in-house training and development Centre of Excellence that facilitates and promotes education and skill sharing, allowing all employees to  develop their talent and grow confidently.

The investment in people has been mirrored by a substantial investment in new technology upgrades as we continue our commitment to provide flexible and rewarding careers and our clients with the support they need as the economy rebuilds. After a demanding 18 months, we believe we will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis even stronger and prepared for continued growth.

Training partner, Roseanne Bennett comments; “Like most businesses, the pandemic challenged us on both a commercial and personal basis. However we stepped up. Almost overnight we went from running the business from three offices to operating out of 90 spare rooms, home offices and kitchen tables across the country without compromising client confidentiality and security.

“Our ability to innovate and to operate flexibly has been key to dealing with the crisis and preparing for recovery. I am incredibly proud of how everyone worked together to support our clients with their unprecedented business and IT needs over the last 18 or so months.”

Photo of some of  our new recruits (from left): Richard Kirkham, Isabella Seale, Stephanie Rutherford, Toby Douglas, Emily Patterson and Chris Semple.

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