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‘Mr & Mrs Brown’ were partners in a Farming Partnership and also had a large portfolio of assets. After examination by GWA, these assets were considered to be ‘tax-exposed’.

Mr & Mrs Brown, not being as young as they once were, felt it was important for them to future-proof their finances and wellbeing as best they could, in case there was a change in circumstances.

How GWA helped

We looked at the structure of the business, ensured proper leases were put in place for the farming side and recommended some inheritance tax friendly products that attracted relief within a relatively short time period. We also recommended that the Browns made Lasting Power of Attorney. When Mrs Brown sadly passed away, the executors and Mr Brown made use of our Probate service to handle her estate.

We respect the privacy of everyone who comes to GWA for advice. So while this case study is true, we have changed client names to maintain business and financial confidentiality.

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