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Global Market Commentary – November 2023

Last month we said ‘the key economic indicators could prove not too hot, nor too cold, but just about right for investors to feel comfortable’. There can certainly be no doubt about the stock market’s favourite fairy tale after November’s gains: Goldilocks wins, hands down. With inflation cooling rapidly and GDP and employment figures remaining stable on both sides of the Atlantic, the stock market has shaken off the bears and moved markedly higher.

Global Market Commentary – October 2023

October was another difficult month for investors - the culmination of three consecutive months where stocks and bonds have declined together. However, the US and UK central banks provided “dovish” statements on November 1st and 2nd, stating policy is adequately restrictive in light of slowing inflation. Markets are now forecasting that further interest rate hikes are highly unlikely and have entered the new month on a positive note.

Global Market Commentary – September 2023

The first half of 2023 produced good returns from overseas stock markets, as most economies proved more resilient than expected, despite forecasts of a recession at the beginning of the year. As the second half of 2023 progresses, those gains are being given back as higher interest rates and rising oil prices are taking their toll once again.

Global Market Commentary – August 2023

Most of August felt like a return to 2022, with the US Dollar Index strengthening considerably (+4%) and signaling a risk-off move which has seen stocks and bonds decline together. However, the final few trading days saw material gains as inflation, employment and savings data suggested the overheating US economy may be cooling down. Investors are keen to see the end of interest rate hikes and a return to stable financial conditions.

2023 Investment Outlook

2022, for investors, was one of the most dramatic in history. We take a look at what the outlook might be for the year ahead.

Global Markets Performance Update 2022 Quarter 3

Against a backdrop of slow global growth, stubbornly high inflation, rising interest rates and growing geo-political tensions, markets continued to perform poorly in Quarter 3.

Webinar Recording: What you need to know about inheritance

Our latest webinar recording suggests it's never too early to discuss inheritance and with inflation and the cost of living dominating headlines we also provide an information update on the markets.

Global Markets Performance Update 2022 Quarter 1

The first Quarter of 2022 was dominated by the invasion of Ukraine continuing the market's rollercoaster ride.

The Impact of the Russia/Ukraine Conflict upon Investment Markets

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is deeply concerning on many levels, creating the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe for decades. Growing sanctions against Russia is adding to market volatility. Looking after our clients' investments is our highest priority.

Global Markets Performance Update – 2021 Quarter 4

Despite the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant, the final quarter of 2021 was a positive one for those investors with well-diversified portfolios.

Global Markets Performance Update – 2021 Quarter 3

Despite a fairly strong start, the third quarter of 2021 has been a bit more challenging for investors, particularly during the last month.

Global Markets Performance Update – 2021 Quarter 2

Overall, the last quarter was pleasing for investors and the economic picture remained rosy. Successful vaccination roll-outs in many…