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Webinar Recording: What you need to know about inheritance

What is the value of financial advice? Is it picking the best investments? Paying less tax? Sorting out your pension?

We like to think it is about achieving your aspirations, whether that’s sending your children to university, relocating or retiring in 20 years. And that means making smart decisions across all aspects of your assets and money.

One key area to consider is inheritance tax planning (IHT). Discussing inheritance is often difficult and a bit of an ‘off-limits’ topic. But with IHT payments to HMRC rising to £5.4bn in 2021* and future generations expected to inherit more than £293bn** we certainly think it needs discussing.

Our latest webinar covered both these topics. Joe O’Brien and Carol Lindsay will provide easy to understand planning and IHT advice. They will be joined by markets expert, Andrew Alexander. The war in Ukraine, increasing inflation and the cost-of-living crisis are daily headlines and Andrew will not be struggling to find content for his latest market update.

Click here to watch the webinar

* National Statistics, Inheritance Tax statistics: commentary. Updated 29 July 2021
** Viewpoint Series: Intergenerational Wealth, The Openwork Partnership, 2021, page 4

NOTE: This webinar is solely to provide information and is not intended to provide advice or enticement to invest.

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