We’re Moving! – Why, What, When…?

Removal Van

Why is Greaves West & Ayre moving?
The firm has come a long way since its establishment almost a century ago when it operated out of our Sandgate office. We have grown steadily in terms of our size and the services we offer, particularly over the last decade, and this move is the result of a long search to find suitable premises which will help us to be more efficient and future-proof ourselves as the industry becomes more digital.

What was wrong with the old offices?
As Greaves West & Ayre grew over the years it became necessary to expand over various locations until we occupied six separate buildings. We believe that locating everyone under one roof is the answer to meeting the future needs of the business. A new purpose-built building with all departments under the same roof will allow us to offer our clients a more efficient service and the flexibility to continue to grow. We also believe that continuing to be a forward-looking, growing employer will benefit the whole local community.

When will the move take place?
Friday 17th – Monday 20th February. From 5.00pm on Thursday 16th February we will be closed to external communications apart from an emergency contact number. By Wednesday 22nd February it will be business as usual from our new premises.

My company has it’s registered address with you at Sandgate …what will happen now?
From early February we will begin the task of transferring all registered offices from Sandgate to our new address at 17 Walkergate. You do not need to take any action but you may receive a notification from Companies House.

Will there be any other changes that we need to be aware of?
Apart from the physical location of our staff all contacts remain the same, there are no changes to staff, email addresses or phone numbers. We have strived to create not just an enhanced environment for staff, but also for our clients and visitors. There is an increased number of Client Meeting Rooms and the whole building is fully accessible. We hope you notice the difference next time you visit us!

How long are Greaves West & Ayre planning to stay at these offices?
It has taken us a long time to find the right accommodation and staying in the centre of Berwick was one of our primary requirements. We have signed a long term lease of 25 years, showing commitment for at least that amount of time; hopefully much longer.

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