Referendum Result

Greaves West and Ayre serve clients on both sides of the Border. In recent months our base in Berwick upon Tweed has been a hot bed of media cars, television crews and journalists all seeking opinions from our Border town. As a firm we have not commented, as to do so, would have only added to the huge amount of comment made elsewhere. With Partners and members of staff living on both sides of the Border we have been following the debate closely and we are glad that this period of indecision is now behind us.

The result is now known and in its aftermath it is obvious that changes are coming. Greaves West and Ayre will continue to monitor these changes so that our clients are kept informed on the impact of any changes. This will apply to all of our clients wherever they are located in the United Kingdom. We will continue our ambition to deliver “Quality Advice-Quality Service” in Northumberland, East Lothian and Scottish Borders. There are interesting times ahead when tax raising powers are transferred to the Scottish Parliament and we are ideally placed to benefit our clients by keeping up to date with the changes as they develop.

Come what may Greaves West and Ayre will adapt to any new situation to ensure we keep delivering on our commitment to provide excellent advice throughout the UK.

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