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Who is watching Big Brother?

The introduction of GDPR caused all of us to be inundated by endless requests to read updated privacy policies and opt in to receiving marketing communications. While it may seem like the calm after the storm there is no doubt that personal data has become a very valuable commodity. It is the job of the […]

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Making Tax Digital Update

The government’s vision to digitalise the UK tax system, making HMRC one of the most tax-efficient authorities in the world, is now well under way to becoming a reality. Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the biggest shake-up of the tax system since the introduction of Self-Assessment over 20 years ago. Originally announced back in the […]

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The Cost of a Sweet Tooth

While quenching your thirst in the recent heatwave did it occur to you that your favourite soft drink either tasted slightly different or seemed a bit pricey? This may not be just because the heat (or gin) had gone to your head or even because your corner shop was taking advantage of increased demand. It […]

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Scottish income tax update 2018/19

From 6 April 2018 a new five band system was introduced by the Scottish Parliament for Scottish income tax payers. Income tax payers in the rest of the UK still operate under a three band system. The Tax Bands Pension Relief Given the changes in bands, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has now set out […]

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Should I Relocate my UK Business Overseas?

Brexit, Scottish Independence, the rise of populism and nationalism… we are in, without doubt, one of the most unsettled political eras in recent times. This lack of stability in the political environment has created an incredible amount of restlessness amongst UK businesses as they await decisions from the political elite that could have drastic implications […]

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