Coronavirus/Covid19: Important information re. client support

Greaves West & Ayre (GWA) would like to reassure clients and businesses they will be fully supported, wherever possible, during the ongoing Coronavirus/Covid19 outbreak.

We understand people’s concerns and want to assure you and your family that we have plans in place to continue to provide the best service and assistance where we can.

You can find the latest update in relation to the UK and Scottish government’s business support measures in the following articles:

As you would expect, we are holding regular meetings to keep abreast of the evolving situation and have already put in place detailed plans to ensure business continuity. Nevertheless, it would be naive of us to think that this developing situation will have no impact.

We have been planning for some time how we can best mitigate the impact of Covid19 and have been following the recommendations of both the Government and Scottish Government along with Public Health England and Health Protection Scotland. However, as a result of the most recent announcements, we have decided to put in place further measures that we know will affect our usual relations with clients over the coming weeks.

Reducing the risk of travel – In order to reduce the chance of bringing infection into GWA offices, all travel for non-client work out of our offices has been cancelled. In addition, we will be contacting clients to cancel all non-essential visits and make alternative arrangements, which could include telephone meetings, conference calls, Skype calls or similar. We will also be using video conferencing to reduce the need for travel between our own offices.

Reducing social contact – We are restricting the use of our GWA meeting rooms to both reduce footfall into our offices and allow for additional cleaning procedures. We will not hold any internal meetings of more than 15 people and have asked staff to observe maintaining the space between people to the recommended two metres. We have also extended our lunchtime period to reduce the number of people in our kitchen and eating areas at any point in time.

Further increasing hygiene – Beyond the measures we have already taken, we will be further extending and increasing the regularity of cleaning routines and procedures within GWA offices. We will be requesting that any visitor to our offices wash their hands prior to and following any meeting and use the available hand sanitiser.

Protecting the most vulnerable – Any staff member who is considered to be at a high risk of infection or are a carer for someone at high risk, will be provided with the flexibility to continue their work within a safe environment.

Home working – We intend to use our offices as much as possible and to keep them as the main hub for ongoing business. However, we do have contingency plans in place which will allow our staff to work from home should the need arise. Please be assured that should we be required to take this action the security and confidentiality of your information will not be compromised.

We will continue to regularly assess the emerging situation and follow directives from the Government and Scottish Government. Due to the uncertainty ahead, if there are any documents that you require us to work on in the near future, we would recommend you deliver these to our offices as soon as you are able.

The GWA website is where you will find any business and financial advice or any updates that we believe will be helpful to you. We will be adding an article tomorrow morning in relation to the central support being made available for businesses on both sides of the border.

GWA has been around for over 100 years and we’ve weathered some turbulent times, as we know many of our clients have too. Looking out for each other and putting people first will help us get through this situation.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above please get in touch. The entire team at GWA remain fully committed to supporting the wellbeing of our clients at this difficult time. We would like to thank you in turn for your continued support.

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