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GWA COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Information correct as of 28 July 2021

Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19. As an employer, we also have a legal responsibility to protect our staff, and others, from risk to their health and safety.

You will have seen in our previous updates that we have been regularly reviewing the developing COVID-19 situation and have made major changes to our way of working both inside our offices and also when managing external relations.

We are now publishing our most recent COVID-19 risk assessment.  The risk assessment identifies the control measures we have put in place to manage and control the risk of the virus and has also been issued individually to all GWA staff.  It follows Government direction that employers with more than 50 employees should publish their COVID-19 risk assessment.

Our objective, from the very start of the COVID-19 crisis was to ensure we continue to deliver ‘Quality Advice Quality Service’ for our clients and although not all staff have returned to office based working, we are still taking precautions to ensure that our workspaces are the safest place any employee could be.

This document is under constant review and will be updated as applicable in line with the guidance issued by the UK and Scottish governments along with Public Health England and Health Protection Scotland.

To view the GWA COVID-19 risk assessment click here.

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