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A world without computers is almost impossible to imagine. They have become an indispensible tool in our lives, changing the way we learn, work, conduct our personal affairs and even think. Rapid technological developments and the spread of applications such as email and the Internet means that the computer in all its forms – laptops, Androids, smart phones etc, is now ubiquitous.

Greaves West & Ayre has been using computers for accounts production for almost 50 years. We installed our first computer, a Logabax, in our Sandgate office in 1965. Although large, noisy and inefficient compared to modern computers, it was state of the art for the time and launched us on the road to full automation. In 1975 we moved to using Olivetti machines for accounts production and in the 1980’s started to use computers for payroll. In 1985 we acquired our first desktop computers and by the 1990s had installed our first network and were using computers for tax purposes. Now, like most businesses, almost everything that happens in Greaves West & Ayre is recorded, worked upon, evaluated and rectified using computers and we have over 100 PCs, laptops and mobile devices in six locations.

Maintaining a fully operational, efficient, secure system is pretty fundamental to our operations. The complexities involved in doing this over multiple locations led to us establishing an in-house IT department.Soon we found ourselves giving advice to our clients with IT frustrations, be it hardware, software, cabling, security, broadband or disaster recovery. And so in response to client demand, Greaves West & Ayre Computer Services, a division of Greaves West & Ayre Chartered Accountants, came into being. We now have a dedicated team of six full time engineers and Microsoft Certified Professionals, offering a complete range of Managed Computer Services tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

The team is headed up by IT Manager, John Currie who joined GWA in 2002. He is firmly of the opinion that the IT systems of any business should be subservient to the function of that business, rather than operations being dictated by the IT. John is assisted by Neil Forrest, Brendan Thorburn, Michael Carter, David McAskill and David Dryden and between them they look after over 500 computers in 47 locations nationwide. For many of our clients, we are like a virtual IT department. They welcome the reassurance of being able to pick up the phone when something goes wrong and much of the support can be carried out remotely without requiring a site visit. The recent implementation of our IT Ticketing scheme means that any email to the IT Help Desk is automatically logged, allowing the team to track every request so clients get the speediest possible resolution to their problems.

People choose Greaves West & Ayre Computer Services because we offer impartial advice on all aspects of IT including procurement of hardware and software and installation, as well as consultancy and ongoing support. We understand that each client has a unique set of requirements and are happy to customise our services to suit your business needs. Most of
all, we run a business dependent on IT, so understand better than anyone the importance of good quality systems and reliable support.

We are planning to run a series of IT related seminars in the springtime. Further information will be available via the Events section of our website, Twitter or please email to be added to our mailing list.


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