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Tax and Crypto Assets

2009 saw the launch of Bitcoin. Originally seen as being just for geeks and possibly hackers, crypto assets are becoming more common and even considered mainstream by many. HMRC has noted this increased interest in crypto assets. If you invest or trade in crypto assets and you pay taxes in the UK, you need to […]

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Does Your Technology Match Your Business Goals?

As businesses across the country reopen or make plans to reopen, many are appreciating that future success will require more than a simple ‘return to normal’. It may require a review of how your business and your customers are using technology differently as a result of lockdown. Digital transformation may be the key to ensuring […]

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Research and Development Relief – More Trial than Success

Businesses are constantly trying to become more efficient and effective at what they do. Today, this is often influenced by factors in addition to the obvious financial reasons, such as reducing waste, being more energy efficient and making better use of technology. However, trying different techniques and activities can be costly for businesses, both in […]

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Who Will You Trust with your Wills and Trusts?

Wills and Executors Towards the end of last year, the Financial Times reported that Lloyds Bank had discovered approximately 9,000 Wills in storage that they did not know they had. Lloyds Bank stored the Wills as part of their ‘Safe Custody’ service, which was closed to new customers in 2011. As a result, monies and […]

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Global Market Investment Update – 2020 Quarter 2

Following a severe sell-off in the first quarter of the year, the second quarter proved to be very strong for equity and credit markets alike.  The markets were bolstered by the huge stimulus provided by global central banks and were further buoyed by the reopening of economies. Additionally, risk hedges, such as sovereign debt and […]

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Summary of Finance and Business Measures – last updated 8 April

This article summarises the business support measures the UK and Scottish governments, along with other NGBs and organisations have introduced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Last updated 8 April: more details on the Recovery Loan Scheme For each measure we have listed the date of the latest change. Simply click on any of […]


Private Sector IR35 Changes – Will it impact you?

March 2021 The Government’s controversial legislation to tackle ‘disguised employment’ arrangements goes through an important change from 6 April 2021 which could have a significant impact on anyone who uses a limited company to carry out their services for medium and large businesses. The legislation – commonly referred to as “IR35” – was introduced by […]