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Our accountancy blog is updated monthly with our opinions on a variety of issues affecting our clients and the industry sectors we cover.

Using us as your Business Adviser

Some of our Scottish partners had a visit from the Chief Executive (Anton Colella) of the Scottish Institute recently. Amongst the topics for discussion was the need for the general public to understand more of what a Chartered Accountant does.

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The Search for Yield

Following the financial crisis of 2008-2009, many central banks – including the Bank of England – have used a number of methods in an attempt to stimulate economic growth and ensure financial stability.  These have led to historically low interest rates on cash assets, which has caused a mass ‘search for yield’ amongst investors. One […]

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Future Company Car Tax Rates

Being an accountant in Northumberland isn’t easy as it usually involves a fair amount of travel by road. With bus routes being limited cars are more of a necessity than a luxury to go about the working week. Company cars and the way they are taxed is often a topic of conversation that pops up. […]

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Plan for Growth

There has been increased press speculation over the last few days suggesting that the UK economy (Scotland’s in particular) is now in recovery mode. As a result growth can be expected for the rest of the year and more positive than this, the rate of growth is expected to increase in 2014 and again in […]

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Not just Agricultural Accountants

Our client base has a strong core of farming clients which is perhaps not surprising as we are in the middle of some excellent farming areas – Northumberland, Scottish Borders and East Lothian.

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Update 7 April 2020

Although no new business support has been announced overnight, we are continuing to receive further clarity on existing measures. Some positive news we have received from a number of clients is that they have applied for and already received funding via the Small Business Grant Fund and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund.  If you […]


Avoid the Cost of HMRC Investigation

Tax investigations by HMRC have been on the rise for a number of years. Anyone can be selected for an investigation by HMRC, whether you are a business, a director or an individual taxpayer. What does an investigation involve and why does it happen? Put simply, a tax investigation is when HMRC decides to take […]