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The Pension Tsunami is heading our way.

Employers today are coming face to face with some of the most challenging legislation ever to be put in place in respect of pensions – Automatic Enrolment. Under this scheme all UK employers have to enrol their staff in a company pension scheme and make contributions towards it. If no action is taken, employers risk […]

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Selling your house

Generally speaking, an individual’s ‘sole or main residence’ is exempt from capital gains tax. If a house, etc., was the individual’s ‘sole or main residence’ for only part of his or her period of ownership, then a time apportionment calculation is made. However, under a rule dating back to the introduction of the tax nearly […]

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The Autumn Statement – key changes to rates and allowances

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the 2013 Autumn statement on 5 December 2013. Key changes announced are as follows: 2014/15 rates and allowances As announced in the Budget 2013, individuals born after 5 April 2013 will have a personal allowance of £10,000 for 2014/15. The basic rate limit will be £31,865. Transferable personal allowance […]

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Employment Allowance

The Chancellor announced in the March 2013 Budget the introduction of a new “Employment Allowance”. HMRC has recently issued more details of the new measure. Worth up to £2,000 the allowance will be able to be set-off against employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NIC) bills from April 2014. The press release from HMRC makes it clear […]

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Minimum Wage Update

The 1st of October is not usually a date which has much meaning in the business world. It is not a significant deadline for Personal Tax or PAYE. Nor is it synonymous with VAT or any deadlines for filling in the many forms required for all of the different taxes. It is therefore a day […]

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Latest Update 11 August 2020 – Summary of Finance and Business Measures

This article summarises the business support measures the UK and Scottish governments, along with other NGBs and organisations have introduced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Last updated  11 August: Kick-starting Tourism  For each measure we have listed the date of the latest change. Simply click on any of the measures and you will […]


Global Market Investment Update – 2020 Quarter 2

Following a severe sell-off in the first quarter of the year, the second quarter proved to be very strong for equity and credit markets alike.  The markets were bolstered by the huge stimulus provided by global central banks and were further buoyed by the reopening of economies. Additionally, risk hedges, such as sovereign debt and […]